TRIDEC sets a new standard in electronic steering systems

TRIDEC – market leader in steering systems for trailers– has expanded its electronic steering system program (EF-S) with versions that have never been seen before, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

EF-S +

As the name  suggests, the EF-S + version offers the possibility to operate additional hydraulic and electronic functions with one programmable TRIDEC remote control. The system can be expanded with a combination of either 6 hydraulic or 12 electronic functions. Additional functions can for example include the operating of ramps, an adjustable gooseneck, movable support legs, vehicle widening, etc.

It is also possible to upgrade the system with a so-called soft start mode to run the hydraulic movements even more smoothly and can be operated with extreme accuracy. The user can also set the oil flow per function using the remote control.

EF-S light

A weight and space-saving version has also been implemented, the EF-S Light weighs approximately 140 kg less due to leaving out a separate battery pack, instead the required energy is supplied directly via the truck. The system has been further optimized to use the available energy very efficiently and is suitable for trailers with up to two steered axles. Combining the above versions is also possible forming the EF-S + light.

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