Steering safely

Trailers fitted with a TRIDEC steering system and suspension offer the best option when it comes to safe cornering. These are often copied but never matched. We fully understand the challenges you face – more compact sites, higher demands on current infrastructure, urbanization and not to mention the growing number of roundabouts. With solid and innovative solutions TRIDEC is the global market leader for steering systems. Choosing a TRIDEC system offers you unbeatable advantages.

Proven reliability

Tridec has a vast experience with many different trailer applications, circumstances, weather conditions and terrains. These are built in Europe and comply with European quality standards. The products are easy to assemble and, in the event of an emergency, easy to repair. Its reliability is demonstrated by the 50,000 systems worldwide that are currently on the road. You can rely on TRIDEC.

Saving costs

A trailer with a TRIDEC system has more value. Sites that had been previously inaccessible can now be accessed with larger trailer loads. This means less needed transport and associated cost savings – less tire wear and fuel savings. With a TRIDEC system your profit margin increases.

Custom made

Each truck and trailer combination is different. Fortunately TRIDEC has specialist knowledge and years of experience to produce a custom made solution. Our systems are modular which allows us to offer a solution for any kind of trailer. Working closely with you, our collaborative approach means we achieve excellent results. Together, we deliver a bespoke TRIDEC solution.

TRIDEC -Member of Jost World

TRIDEC is part of JOST World, a world leader in the manufacturing of systems, modules and components for commercial vehicles. As global player JOST can guarantee the availability of products, without neglecting the local needs. Customers benefit TRIDEC’s know-how and the presence of JOSTWorld.

TRIDEC - Proven reliability

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Certificates and conditions

TRIDEC stands for quality of the products and business operations. That is why quality management within TRIDEC is more than a department. It’s an experience flowing through every level of the organization and total process chain which already starts at our suppliers. Of course we ensure our employees operate according to the standards and we guarantee continuous improvement.

Certificates TRIDEC

JOST-World Certificates

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