What is a steering mechanism?

A steering mechanism is a system that controls a vehicle. The steering mechanism ensures that the driver's movements on the steering wheel are applied to the wheels so that the trailer can easily change direction.

In trailers, fuse control is often applied. Here the steered axles are part of both the steering and the front suspension.

Steering devices for trailers

TRIDEC is a supplier of steering devices for trailers, tankers, construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles. As a global market leader, our engineers have years of experience and knowledge. Therefore, a TRIDEC steering device is always modular so that it can be fully adapted to the trailer. Throughout the process, we work closely with the trailer builder and customer to produce a device that fully fits your needs and maximize the available opportunities. TRIDEC has delivered more than 50,000 steering devices worldwide, bringing many benefits to controlled trailers.

Easier maneuvering in traffic

The current traffic demands more and more challenges to drivers. Traffic pressure as well as urbanization increase. There are also more roundabouts in cities and villages. Maneuvering in traffic is thus a bigger challenge. Choosing a right steering system makes it easier for drivers to work under good conditions and save on driving time.

But in addition to the easier maneuvering, there are also other advantages of using a steering device:

  • Savings by lower tire wear
  • Savings due to less fuel consumption
  • Increase of loading capacity
  • Better weight distribution of the truck trailer combination


TRIDEC knows 3 types of steering gear:

  • Mechanical steering system: has a mechanical linkage between fifth wheel coupling and axles by means of a steering rod.
  • Hydraulic steering system: has a hydraulic linkage between the fifth wheel coupling and axles by means of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Electronic steering system: lightweight system for trailers with a very limited installation space.


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