Axle Suspension

Are you looking for a solution that increases the capacity of trailers when it comes to volume and load capacity? Both the volume and the load capacity are important factors in the planning of transport. When these can be increased, it will lead to significant improvements in productivity. With an axle suspension in your trailer you can realize the benefits quickly.

As a global leader in axle suspension and steering systems, TRIDEC has a lot of knowledge and experience in the realization of modularly built axle suspension systems.

Features TRIDEC axle suspension systems

The TRIDEC axle suspension is applied to both large volume trailers and trailers in extremely heavy transport.

  • easy to build
  • low maintenance due to bearing structures
  • contribute to stable driving behavior


Types of axle suspensions

TRIDEC independent air suspension

These axle body systems ensure maximum volume in the trailer.

TRIDEC hydraulic suspension

These systems are specially developed for heavier applications, both on and offroad. The TRIDEC hydraulic suspension systems can be operated with the Tritronic Trailer Management System.

Tritronic Trailer Management System

With the Tritronic Trailer Management System, you can manually navigate the trailer via a wireless remote control. This gives extra maneuverability, but the trailer is also automatically aligned. Via the tritronic, the driving height of TRIDEC hydraulic suspension can be controlled automatically. The tritronic can also be expanded with various electrical and hydraulic functions.