Why a steering system?

There are several reasons to choose for a steered trailer, the most important reasons have been set out below.


Roads are becoming more and more congested. The number of round-abouts increases, and traffic in villages, cities and industrial estates is increasing too. All of which makes it more difficult or even impossible for a truck trailer combination to access sites for loading and unloading.

With a TRIDEC steering system the trailer becomes more manoeuvrable and requires less road space and therefore it becomes easier to make turns or to avoid obstacles. This results in considerable time saving and an improvement in fleet efficiency.

In many cases a rigid vehicle can be replaced by a trailer offering more load space and volume. Also a truck trailer combination offers more flexibility of the fleet.

This tyre is from a trailer equipped with a TRIDEC steering system and has been running for 135,000 km, 80% of which was on local routes.
This tyre is from a trailer without a TRIDEC steering system and has been running for 35,000 km, of which 80% was on local routes.

Reduced tyre wear

Besides better manoeuvrability, a TRIDEC steering system offers several other advantages. Since there is no tyre scrub, the chassis is subjected to less forces, thus saving on vehicle maintenance and reducing wear of the road surface too. Trailers that are used for 20% of the time on motorways and 80% on local roads and city distribution, can reduce tyre wear by up to one-third. In addition, the carcass can be re-used since the risk of sidewall damage is minimal compared with non-steered trailers.

For example at 80% local roads and 20% motorways, the life time of the tyre will not be more then 40,000 km. This means a non-steered 3-axle trailer covering 80,000 kms a year will need 12 replacement tyres. Using the same example of 80% local roads, 20% motorways, the lifetime of its tyres is 120,000 km, therefore, in one year's average distance of 80,000 kms, only four tyres will need replacing. Taking the time saving into account because of the better accessibility and manoeuvrability, you can calculate the yield of a steered trailer per year.

Making this calculation on the basis of 80 % motorway and 20 % local roads, you will see that the efficiency of a steered trailer will decrease. Note then that for manoeuvrability and accessibility to sites, and reduced road surface damage, TRIDEC's steering system offers considerable advantages.

Note that the amount of tyre wear depends on the application, therefore the results may differ from those stated in this text. We have stated the least beneficial results, so the reality may be even more positive.