Since 2008 TRIDEC has been part of JOST World, a world leader in manufacturing systems, modules and components for commercial vehicles. JOST-World was founded in 1952 and has been a world leader in manufacturing parts for commercial vehicles ever since.

Flexibility, technical know-how and short lines with customers and suppliers feature JOST-World. TRIDEC is proud of the connection with JOST-World.

As a global player, JOST can guarantee worldwide availability of products and replacement parts without neglecting local needs. Customers benefit from TRIDEC's know-how and the presence of JOST-world.

As a developer and manufacturer of axle suspension and mechanical, electronic and hydraulic steering systems, TRIDEC has acquired a lot of fame in recent years. Worldwide, there are over 50,000 trailers using a TRIDEC steering system.

TRIDEC's experts develop and produce not only mechanically controlled trailer steering systems, they also produce hydraulic and electronically controlled steering systems. In addition, you can find axle suspensions for hydraulic suspension in our assortment.

In addition to TRIDEC, ROCKINGER and Edbro partners are also active in JOST-World.

If you would like more information about TRIDEC, Jost-World and the possibilities for you as a trailer builder or transport company, we will be pleased to inform you. Please, do not hestitate to contact us.