With TRIDEC, body builders can offer their customers a steering system or axle suspension designed by the global leader. With our many years of experience and knowledge, we are informed of demand from both the trailer builder and the end user. This means that we will always look for the best solution in your situation.

With TRIDEC steering systems, you get various benefits for realized trailers. For example, the trailers are easier to control, even in the city and on roundabouts.

In our offer you will find:

mechanical steering systems

  • for rigid axles
  • for steered axles

hydraulic steering systems

  • for rigid axles
  • for steered axles

electronic steering systems

axle suspension

  • air
  • hydraulic


With this complete offer, we can professionally and adequately help each trailer builder in the world to solve challenges in the field of trailer control.

With Tridec you choose systems to rely on

With a TRIDEC steering system you drive with total control. Our quality in this area is unmatched. We understand the challenges that drivers have and therefore we are always looking for safe and innovative solutions.

Thanks to our many years of experience throughout the world, our steering systems have proven themselves in every type of terrain, climate and under various circumstances. All the experiences we acquire combine to further improve our systems. This ensures high reliability of TRIDEC steering systems.

Lower cost by using a steering system

With a well-designed steering system you can save on your costs. Locations that were previously inaccessible can now be accessedeven with larger goad. Thus, less transport is required which will give you a benefit. But also advantages such as reduced tire wear and fuel saving provide many benefits to the end user.

When you are, as a body builder looking for a partner for developing unique trailer concepts, you are at the right place at TRIDEC. How do you want to improve your trailers? We like to think along with you!