Steering system

TRIDEC is the supplier of intelligent steering systems that make it easier for drivers to control the trailer. A TRIDEC steering system gives you total control when cornering. Our steering systems help you with upcoming urbanization, the pressure on the modern infrastructure and the growing number of roundabouts. We understand the challenges you face and always look for the best steering solution with you!

Market leader in steering systems

TRIDEC is the world market leader in steering systems and has delivered more than 50,000 steering systems worldwide. Various steering systems have been developed each offering specific features for different types of trailers and applications.

TRIDEC steering systems:

  • Mechanical steering system
  • Hydraulic steering system
  • Electronic steering system

Because every trailer is different, TRIDEC has specialists with many years of experience in order to customize a tailor made solution for you. The steering systems are always modularly built.

Benefits of steering systems

Steering systems offer many advantages:

  • Time saving and provedes comfortable due to the better maneuverability
  • Saving on fuel consumption
  • Savings due to less wear on tires
  • Reduced transport movements due to increased loading capacity

Where are TRIDEC control systems used?

A steering system has various applications, including trucks for distribution, tankers, construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles.Of course, the steering systems are particularly suitable for special transportation such as extra long or heavy trucks.

Steering systems are built according to high quality standards. With TRIDEC steering systems, you choose systems to rely on.

TRIDEC is part of JOST-World and therefore globally active. If you have any questions regarding our solutions, we will gladly be in touch with you.